Vinden wat men niet zocht (icoon) Finding the unexpected

Finding the unexpected

A seminar on how an exhibition can communicate with its visitors

A seminar on how an exhibition can communicate with its visitors. When people visit an exhibition, they give up some of their precious time. Anyone involved in the development and conversion of presentation concepts should be aware of this responsibility. In practical terms, this comes down to investigating the reasons why people are attracted to the exhibition and finding out whether their expectations have been met. The emphasis should lie on the core principle of every exhibition: the intention to successfully communicate with exhibition visitors.

During this seminar you’ll experience putting yourself in the shoes of a visitor, from a design and educational point of view. On the basis of various examples you will be able to experience what types of communication and concepts your visitors react to and how. In group conversations and in workgroups we’ll examine what avenues of communication and strategies are possible and meaningful for your presentation. We may also, for instance, organize a discussion on the best way to implement all these possibilities and how this will impact on the development of different channels of communication in an exhibition. This seminar focuses on the practical considerations of exhibition design, besides allowing participants to swap notes. Do we really offer visitors to the exhibition what we promised? Do they find the unexpected?

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