Milieu op de Korrel

Milieu op de Korrel

An exhibition about environmental problems, designed as a comic

A journalist of the magazine Pailoe described this interactive exhibition as follows:

“At first instance the nature museum was exactly what one could expect from it; stuffed animals, an aquarium with various reptiles and fishes, feel-it-yourself-skins from deer (complete with bullet holes) and pinned-up butterflies. Good, but not really titillating. A bit further, some huge models of insects already charmed us. The real surprise however was at the end of the exhibition. We entered a room with bright coloured objects. Especially after all the familiar objects we’d seen in the other parts of the museum this intrigued us. The first thing that caught our eye was a cartoon figure on a toilet and 3 pig heads, a bit further. Funny, but a bit odd. It all looked very lively, but nothing was happening. Not until we walked a bit further.

As soon as we approached the pig heads they stretched their noses towards us and farted. When we pulled the lever of the toilet a voice out of nowhere started talking to us. This happened throughout the whole exhibition; things happened because we walked past something or because we touched something. In a very exciting fashion environmental issues were being brought to our attention. Not in a patronising way, but witty and understandable and in a way that makes it impossible to just have a passive glimpse. The subject of the exhibition might at first instance seem boring but what they’ve done with it is definitely different!”

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